Modern Girls

About twice of year, I attend a family gathering with my grandmother, my one remaining grandparent, where each and every one of her other grandchildren has begun trotting out their significant other like some prize gelding*.  That is, except for me.  I didn’t get the memo, but I do usually get grilled about how I should really work on landing a boyfriend, reminded that I am getting old, and that I am probably  now too educated to find someone.  This would all have happened yesterday.  However, yesterday, I realized I was sick and unable to go.

Best. Cold. Ever.

* Not sure if people actually do this.  Is this too British?


2 thoughts on “BEST COLD EVER

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks! I suspect that my grandmother may not have the most up to date dating advice, so there may be about five guys in the boonies that I have ruined my chances with, but I don't think that's a majority!


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