Do you want to pay someone money for insulting you?  Well, here is a golden opportunity.  Like many ads, it suggests that it is solving a problem for you, even if that problem is something that didn’t bother you before that ad appeared to point it out.  Mascara ads solve that short, stumpy eyelashes problem, perfume solves that lack of romance in your life, and this book will solve that horny need to ruin your relationship problem that has been keeping you up at night.  In short, this book assumes that 1) you want to cheat, and 2) that you cannot figure out how to do it with finesse.

Cheating on your loved one is not exactly a useful skill.  I recommend reading How to Win Friends and Influence People.  I have also probably inadvertently promoted this book, but I also smell a sequel in the making (“How to Commit Grand Theft Auto, Like a Man”) and want to squelch it.

PS: I honestly don’t really know why this book is pink, since pink for me is synonymous with breast cancer.


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