Did you just read what I just read? Disgusting, right? That line is an expression of pure and unfiltered vulgarity, and one of the great benefits of watching shows on cable – through netflix of course, because you can’t actually afford cable.  And it comes courtesy of the foul mouth of Vince Masuka.  
One of things I enjoyed about Dexter was its development of its side characters, because whenever I see a bit of color, that Asian on the side, I always wonder what exactly it is that he’s there to do.  I sometimes wonder that about female characters too. You generally know what the main character is about to do – the show promos will answer that for you – and it should be part of the show’s hook, but what exactly other people are doing or like is never revealed until possibly a few episodes in.  
C.S. Lee
Then you meet Vince Masuka – nerdy, short, bald, competent and a complete and unrelenting perv. What’s not to love? He’s not subtle, if you don’t believe me, just reread the pic above and ask yourself what he means.  At the same time, he’s likable. I think that’s a plus in the Asian portrayals category. 
I know the show’s coming to an end soon, but to be honest, I stopped watching after Season 4 when John Lithgow guest starred and let’s just say the end of that season broke my heart.  But Vince Masuka, is an excellent find.  Here’s a pic of C.S. Lee in non-Masuka civilian clothes FTW.

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