Daily Frenchie

I’m one of those people that like to solve problems.  Sometimes I notice things and mentally link them to people they could possibly benefit, and sometimes that person just doesn’t exist…so what do you do with this excess information?  Well, problem solved.  See below.

  • 60 minutes: The Save the Tortoise Episode.  Is watching 60 minutes uncool?  I know it’s been around for awhile, but I just realized this show exists.  Most people I talk with like to name drop NPR (example: “Oh, I heard about [insert hot button topic] on NPR“).  Apparently radio is the way to go.  I linked to the tortoise episode, on 60 minutes, because it’s strangely heartbreaking. 
  • Confidence and public speaking: This article on how to sound confident even when you’re not.
  • DecorEasy DIY for decorating with silver tape. 
  • The British: This post on what British people say v. what they mean. 
  • FoodFork and Beans for vegan recipes
  • Acne: This thoughtful article on acne from The Dame is one of the most thorough and holistic approaches to acne I’ve come across, incorporating changes to both your lifestyle and eating habits instead of just recommending facial products. 
  • Bunions: If you google “Victoria Beckham” and “Bunions,” you will meet the most famous pair of bunions in the world.  Try this bunion splint to try to prevent that.  It’s a progressive problem and can only get worse over time, so far as I know, so this splint should stop the problem from getting worse, and it may also makes you appear mildly athletic.
  • Acne Scars: Try this organic scar cream
  • Bed Hair: Try this silk pillowcase.  

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