Fantastic Frank
I saw this bedroom a few weeks ago, and then I put it on Tumblr, and I thought that was the full extent of what I needed to do with it.  But sometimes, an image will grow roots in your head, it will stake out territory and sinuously draw your mind towards it.  So here we are.  I’m sharing. 
Certain images are pretty, I troll around enough to have met a few.  Very few have that power of pull.  I cannot explain or predict the ones that will, I can only point them out and say: “Look here.  This will make you feel something.” Or something else just as eloquent. 
What do I like about this?  It’s comforting, it’s airy and light, and there are just a million little creative details that went into its creation, even though that goes against the grain for me (I don’t like gross accessorizing) – I’m not going to point out what they are.  It’s always more revelatory when you discover these things out for yourself.  When you put all these details together, they create a visual dialogue.  It says something to you, not in so many specific words, but in a language that touches your subconscious mind, and you know it, because you feel…something.  Again, I’m not going to define what that feeling could be.  This overall effect is what gives an image pull for me.  
I may be overanalyzing, but that’s what I like to do.  Cheers!

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