Two random unrelated topics of conversation today.  And for no reason.  I’m a rebel, and it’s rule breaking time. 
The above is the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  In San Francisco.  It’s summer, about noon o’clock, when the sun should be high in the sky.  As you can see, the chalk white of the building blends almost seamlessly into the overcast haze of the sky.  Stunning, eh?    
I’ve decided to take side shots and otherwise awkward angles of familiar landscapes lately because I think it keeps my brain from working in a predictable way.  So if you don’t recognize a popular landmark, I am probably to blame.*  
Unlike Los Angeles, or San Diego, or indeed the rest of the entire Bay Area, San Francisco is not typically warm in the summer.  If I wake up in July and the day is sunny, it’s an exceptional day.  If I want someplace warm, I leave town.  On the other hand, people who are overheating everywhere else like to come into town for the opposite reason.  
So if you want to visit someplace in the summer and you want culture without heat, you want beaches where you go near but not in the water, SF is the picky person’s place to be.  
* On a completely unrelated side note, I now have a template for an email breakup, should I choose to jump on this bandwagon.  It seems to be a thing.  When the same thing happens to two people I know, I’m calling it a trend.  This is not going to get personal.  Let’s just say a friend of a friend’s friend’s casual something-or-other, after dating someone for awhile, received what I can only describe as a hallmark generic e-card e-dump.  That was how personal this was.  It could have come off a template, and I have my suspicions.   
Your priorities are no longer in alignment.  The differences between the two of you are irreconcilable.  Your values are…not the same.  It’s not you, it’s me.  What began as a relationship has evolved into a conundrum, without a solution.  I have no idea what exactly happened – that’s perfectly fine – but neither, it seems, does the person on the receiving end of the e-dump.  
On the one hand, this is fairly civilized, this generic message that puts a definite end to things.  Mission accomplished.  Now, is this truly a cut above the “It’s over” text?  Why bother to say anything if you have nothing substantive to say?  Is it simply inevitable that the end will always be awkward and then the only option left is damage control?   
Well, that depends.  If the other person wants to have any kind of say, then this one sided message is going to be a jerk move.  On the other hand, if this is a truly mutual decision, then maybe, it’s only a little disappointing.  I’m not on the field of battle for this one, so I truly can’t say one way or the other, I just catch the raw scent of frustration every now and again, from the position of one placed strategically downwind. 

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