For your daily cathedral fetish.  
This was taken in Cuzco, Peru.  In many cities, I noticed the other houses could be generally nondescript, bordering on ugly, while the church, or in this case, the cathedral, would be a thing of beauty.  It may be an indication of priorities, of influence, or of nothing at all.  Maybe this is simply the way of things.  After all, the Cathedral represents a majestic higher power, and your living room is just for you. 
In this particular building, I discovered that a cathedral is built in the shape of a cross.   There is a long central aisle called a nave and two side aisles.  The arms of the cross are the transepts, and they intersect the nave.  I discovered this of course, after I finished Pillars of the Earth, which felt like 50% church architecture and building vocabulary and 50% plot/intrigue.  Perhaps that was better left unsaid.  
Happy weekend!

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