I do enjoy taking a good picture.  It makes life better.  My goal right now is just to be a step above  average, whether by choosing subjects carefully, working with light, or knowing the limits of my camera.  I want just enough quality to make this blog visually entertaining, and I haven’t seen the need to invest in a more powerful camera.  My images are a little soft, and the farther away the object, the softer the edges.  This is a limitation of my camera.  
I currently use the Canon Powershot s110 above.  It captures color beautifully, it works well indoors as well as out, and you can make some simple adjustments if the light isn’t good enough.   
Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that I wanted something more.  There are two options I’ve been checking out lately.  A lot of bloggers like the Canon EOS series, as just an all around solid digital SLR camera that can take professional grade shots.  It also allows for interchangeable lenses for more options.  You can read a review here.  
For a compact camera, I’ve heard really good things about the Sony Cyber-Shot, and I stare at this camera online sometimes for no apparent reason.  Personally, if I had to carry around a bulky SLR, and I know myself pretty well, I probably just wouldn’t.  I like to go backpacking, hiking, activities where you have to mule your own crap uphill, and where the added weight of a beautiful camera can quickly turn from a blessing to a curse.  You can read a review for this beauty here.

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