Jared Leto and the song Raped in the Face from Hamlet 2
I think Jared Leto sometimes regrets his face, so I have diluted the effect by accompanying him with the refrain to Raped in the Face from Hamlet 2.* Click on the link for the full song in all its glory.

I once attended a concert for his band 30 Seconds to Mars and every other band member played under a spotlight while Leto sang in the dark, and then ran around stage to escape any chance of good lighting. He was literally running away from the spotlight. During the break, people (women, me) complained that they couldn’t see him. 

For background information, the face of Leto is also the mind behind Batholomew Cubbins (a fat sounding alias if I ever heard one), who directs the music videos for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, where the face of Leto is also the lead singer. But when you get caught up in that face, come on now, it’s easy to forget that it comes with an incredible amount of talent and a strong aesthetic sense.
So here below, as proof, is the music video for Up in the Air, a visual massage of intersecting images, some disturbing, some fascinating, all very well done. 


*If you haven’t seen Hamlet 2, it’s worth your time.


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