This caught my eye recently.  From artist Tay Dall, she hails from South Africa.  There’s a lot of control and balance to her work right here, the way the colors touch each other, the precision of her shapes that aren’t exactly shapes. The closest analogy I can make to this is that it’s like writing about someone who has gone mad, you can’t just have the character go completely crazy, that means you have no control over your work and it’s sloppy. You have to give the crazy a framework where it can function. 
I’ve tried painting approximately twice in my life, and realized both times that I don’t have it in me to create anything using this medium, but it does give me an appreciation for good technique when I see it.* I tend toward abstract subjects.  Does this do anything for you?

*General disclaimer: I have yet to master the use of liquid eyeliner, so that should give you an idea of the level of skill I’m working with here. The need for eyeshadow is also rather mysterious to me. I’ve only ever tried it on Halloween, where you can pass off mistakes as “part of the costume, obviously.”


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