To be perfectly honest, hanging wall art isn’t easy, and it probably will take more than a weekend and that will ruin your Monday. That said, I ran across Spain’s Glamour website (I think – it’s in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish, but I do speak the international language of interior design) and they have some very good ideas. Above, I really like the idea of mixing large and small art pieces, even if the smaller pieces are of insects and this may be the dining room.

For the bedroom, I like how they grouped two large, soft and uncomplicated images together. Alone, the images aren’t very interesting because they’re both so simple, but together, they create a soothing impression that works for the room you sleep in.

Finally, this is an interesting idea – playing frame Tetris. Shoving clusters of art together without any space between them to create a single piece. I’ve attempted the “leaning art on the floor” technique, but this is definitely new. If I had more wall in my apartment, I would try this.


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