Here are some creative ways to improve your photography.

23 Hacks to Learn Anything Faster and Better
True learning takes reinforcement and work, so maybe this will help.

Catchy title, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make you want to read it?

There are some skills that will make life better, such as saying “no.”

All the Things You Don’t Need
I’ve been doing a lot of culling lately, both physical and mental, so this seemed appropriate.

How to Self-Publish a Best-Seller: Publishing 3.0
This is one of the most thorough and informative articles on the topic I’ve come across. 

And related to the above article, I have to agree that making your own audiobook sounds like a great idea – I listen to a lot of books on audiobook (multi-tasking), but the reader’s voice has a huge effect on the experience. On that note, I highly recommend audiobook reader Scott Brick. I really notice when men read as women and vice versa, and the results can sometimes be jarring and/or offensive. Scott can do both genders in ways that are insane.


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