Image via Bolig

I’ve been MIA lately. No particular reason. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and/or Crazy Monday might have been involved. On the plus side, nothing has been able to stop me from browsing around in the online universe and – since unique lighting can really make a dramatic difference – I thought of some things it might be interesting to try with hanging bulbs, metal poles, and ladders.

I really like that kitchen above, with the lights strung across a metal pole and dangling down at different lengths. To be honest, I like the entire kitchen, the house, and the minimalist black and white decor, but since that’s not happening, I’m just going to stick to pointing out the lights. So – the lights. Nice, eh?
Now below, if you can get your hands on an old stick ladder, you can wrap a light around it – and behold! Another light fixture. There are an infinite number of ways to add a little bit of light. That one’s not bad, and the punk print’s not bad either.

From March Collective


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