lit trees 2

Every once in a while, I will read a book because it appears on a list. And the only way to know if you should trust a list is to test it out. I don’t like the New York Times year end recommendations – I’ve been burned more than once and it’s not happening again. So it may be time to give the Observer a try. Do you agree with this list?
This article is about cultivating good mental habits – the spoiler is that there is nothing novel about any of the ways of thinking advocated here. I point this out not to be a jerk, although that is a perfectly valid motive, but because I believe that good habits should constantly be reinforced.
She is the master of the perfectly timed pause – it’s in the way she visually distributes her line breaks to gently prod you along. Dideon encapsulates the model of glamour that you usually don’t find in writing. I don’t know how exactly she managed this. The effortlessness is part of her charm.
I came across this app recently. It’s free. You can learn basic French, English, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, or German. A little owl harasses you everyday to keep moving ahead with your studies. Don’t mind if I do!
Lena Dunham
I am oddly fascinated by Girls’ writer, director, and Star Lena Dunham. I can’t stand to see pictures of myself, and yet there she is: hanging around naked, awkwardly trying to seduce her boss, talking during sex. In every way possible, she throws herself out there, and then gets ripped for it. The she goes and does it again. It’s fascinating.  

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