Every once in awhile, someone writes a piece that is painfully honest, but in a bad way, because it shows you in this one person this utter lack of awareness of internal biases (just reread the title), and the fascinating way that these biases are processed internally. As a result, her inability to stop judging this other person for being black, not skinny, and new to yoga is processed as being “hyper-aware of my skinny white girl body.” 
I’m adding this quickie because I do hope it provokes intelligent discussion and change. The actual article at XO Jane has been taken down, but here is a thoughtful reaction to it.
As a personal aside, I’m uncomfortable sometimes by how tight yoga clothes are becoming. I do go to yoga, but it’s weird walking to and from class, and sometimes being in class wearing these tight ass outfits. Every little bit shows, and then you have to twist yourself around. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t get a lot out of it, but sometimes I do look at myself from afar and see a sweaty mess.

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