You write about your life. Your daily adventures. What you eat. What you wear. Where you go. You document your thoughts and opinions. You take pictures – possibly of yourself – and you share. This assumes, of course, that whatever you’re writing about is interesting and beneficial. It’s also a practice known as blogging. 
So…is this narcissistic? Or is it just sharing?
I couldn’t tell you. To be honest, I just like putting myself on a writing schedule, which to a certain extent keeps me on a creative schedule. I also keep track of how many times I use the word “I” in a post – only I’m not sure if that really solves the problem. I guess it’s just something to have in mind, a pair of mental handcuffs, so that one day you don’t up and think everything you say is golden. I think it’s good to take stock every once in awhile, and see where things lie. 

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