The Rock's View

So here’s a new chapter. 
I’m requesting and accepting submissions to be published on this blog, because I like to know about people and what they do. If you’ve ever talked to someone about what they love, it’s like the best kind of disease, because when they open up, they release a creative spark, and if yours happens to be dim at the moment, you can catch something. I believe that enthusiasm is contagious and indiscriminate, and in the same way that you follow, say, Tolstoy’s daily habits and learn something, you can do that same with your peers.


So here goes:

Submissions should answer the following questions, but these can change according to topic:
Who or what inspires you? 
This is for picture purposes.
What are you passionate about doing? 
This can be writing, drawing, travel, or anything really, as long as it genuinely drives you. 
How do you express this passion or interest? 
Pretty simple really: if you like to paint, what do you paint?
How do you stay inspired? 
Short burst of passion are commonplace, but it’s the long term commitment, the every day dedication that is hard. What do you do to keep that interest alive? What is the day to day process? 
I’m going to put this request in the header bar, and see what happens.

Send an email over to


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