One of the ways to save time, I’ve heard, is to have a go to uniform. That is, an outfit you wear every day, without having to think too hard or too long. You save your creativity for other endeavors, assuming your creative energy is finite. 
So I’ve been thinking, if I had a uniform, it might look a little bit like the above: black, beautifully cut, not too studied, a touch casual, a touch sleek. And of course I would have to exercise like the devil to maintain that streamlined physique, so that I wouldn’t look ridiculous. What would your uniform look like?


In an ideal world, incidentally one in which I do not live, this would be the first part of a series, where I have somehow managed to write a travel post in the shape of a story, one that refreshes the memory of those who have already been, and inspires those who have not. 
Unfortunately, editing and jetlag and the ordinary flotsam of life (Buying groceries! Taking out the garbage!) have taken over, and instead of a post, I have managed to edit this one picture from Lucerne, in Switzerland. It’s a beautiful city, set alongside a resplendent river littered with swans. 
I will figure this out. There is more to come. 


If I tried to do this myself with my limited skills, it would probably involved double sided tape. But it’s a novel idea. It’s interesting, like creating a geometric maze in your home. Practically speaking, this may involve payment rather than DIY. But there is probably someone out there in the universe thinking: I wonder if Lowes carries that type of pipe…



I love these. Just love them.
Current Events
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is slowly becoming a personal favorite. She always has incisive commentary, that cuts right to the bone, and this particular bone may belong to her colleague Justice Kennedy, aka “Mr. Swing Vote.” What is interesting here, is the argument that Kennedy’s decisions reflect an underlying paternalistic attitude toward women, but not gay men, that may be the ultimate deciding factor. It’s convincingly argued.    
This is from 2013, but who knows? It might still be applicable one year later. Harvard researchers followed 268 male Harvard undergraduates, class of 1938-1940 (hardly a representative sample, but I digress) for 75 years, collecting data at regular intervals. The conclusions he drew were put into a book. A quick summary is linked.
This French print. It’s French and it’s art.
There are two movies I can pull off the top of my head that are based on this lie – that if you were able to access your brain’s full 100% capacity, you would be a telekinetic genius as well as incredibly athletic and emotionally well adjusted, etc. I know this is a lie, but so far have no reference to back this up. Here is a solid article dispelling that myth.  
I like how this is short and to the point. Four things only, and you might find yourself less aggravated. It’s a win/win.


Calm Down Now
So. How’s your day going? Bad? Good? Good but could be improved? All of the above? If you answered all of the above, and don’t realize the inherent contradiction involved, here’s an app you may want to try: Calm Down Now. This should be available for both apple and android. 
It’s $1.99, so it’s not free, but it costs less than a Starbucks latte, so that puts the price in perspective. I’ve been poking around for app’s with guided meditation, which is a step above some apps that only make noise with gongs or bells. Depending on your personal preferences, this may be a good thing. Here to help!  


Subway pools
Subway Pools/Flickr
I’m going to be out and about this week and the beginning of the next, so here’s just…some interesting content. It’s not always possible to travel across the pond (now, by “pond” I mean the Atlantic or Pacific ocean, depending on your preferred coast), so it’s nice to know someplace a little closer to home that doesn’t suck. 
This above image is the from Utah Zion National Park courtesy of this guy.

And here are a few others I’ve found…

Zion National Park
The Subway
The Subway
Zion National Park


The idea is simple, yet profound. However, if you need more concrete steps on the matter, feel free to consult here.
I myself, find that this is a mindset that needs changing. It’s the attitude of scarcity at it again. Somehow, whenever we take into account what we have, the perception is that it isn’t enough, when you could instead evaluate it as the perfect amount. And get creative.

On the more superficial side of things, I could perhaps spend less time mindlessly browsing. Spend more time on what would enrich my life, rather than deprives me of riches.