Nepal yellow flowers

Oh, this is good. You see a man and a woman, together, in a bar. He’s average height/weight and she’s above average. In weight. You assume they’re not together. How could they be? They’re not in the same league. God forbid a man be attracted to this type of woman. God made women – to be thin. Or so the underlying rationale goes. I’m guilty of judging. I admit it. It’s hard to stop. Call me out!   
Damn and Blast! I am too late! This kickstarter has been completely funded. The idea, however, is still a good one. I admit from the name I initially thought this had to be sex related. But then I realized I was being an idiot, and that this dress is a valid solution to that weird practice of changing out of sweaty workout clothes.
A variety of topics addressed here: how do you portray yourself online? People tend to image manage under the guise of aesthetics and curating and personal branding. At what point does this become inauthentic? And what happens when you lose that spark, that initial driving passion for blogging, and for being an online presence? What do you do then? 
You’re welcome.
Marie Kondo is the author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up. Which I am going to read. I myself am an ardent believer in minimalist living. There is something freeing about having less choices for the brain to process, so it can shift gears to dealing with more significant matters, perhaps?
In my humble opinion, every once in awhile, it’s good to scare people by putting on a mud mask. I’m going to try this one in the privacy of my home. 

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