Window vase

How to Intentionally Design a Happier Life
Having a better life takes work, and some good tips.

30 Day Minimalism Challenge
Habits are hard to break. My running theory is that it will take a good 30 days to reset daily habits.

5 Dinners You to Make from Pantry Staples
I’m going to try the chickpea recipe. I needed this more than water.

Before I Go
What are your priorities in this life? Do you know? Maybe reading this will speed that thought process right up.

Let’s All Agree to Put an End to this Unhealthy Habit
The habit of judging people. In case it’s not obvious.  I think this has two parts – judgment is a habit, and the less you judge others, the less you judge yourself.

Hopper App
I’ve used this for domestic flights and its pretty good, and this way I know I can just stop looking. Hours will be saved.

Minimalist Bike Lights
I’ve been eyeing these. You can take them on an off very easily, and then use them all over the place.

Charles & Keith
For the shoes.


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