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This comes from the This American Girl blog. Her decision to run away and travel scares me. In a good way.

Every once in a blue moon, I will attempt a DIY, but only if it’s really easy, like these.

I usually try something different, a new habit maybe, to break out of my routine. Routines are inevitable, we tend to fall into patterns, so try one of these just to change things up.

A writing app that promises to save you from distraction.

An easier way to send files. I personally don’t like dropbox.

On the bucket list! The pictures alone make this post worth looking at. And then if you can find the concentration, it’s worth reading as well.

Fair trade rugs that go to help people in Nepal. As a bonus, they’re not ugly. Sometimes, I’d rather just give money than buy something I didn’t want to begin with.


Outfit Ideas
Maybe it’s because I used to wear a school uniform. Maybe it’s an upgrade from jeans and a tee. Whatever the reason, skinny jeans and a button down shirt has become my go to. Silk shirts have the best drape, better than cotton (although there’s nothing wrong with cotton), it just depends on how you want the shirt to hang.  
I was on Pinterest the other day looking at my Style board when I realized I was not in fact on my own board. I had been looking at someone else’s board. She (I assume) had pinned almost the exact same images I had. It was a sad and sadly horrifying discovery. The realization that you are in your heart a style cylon. Then I came to terms. This simplicity is what I sincerely enjoy. It helps me meet my daily pleasure quota. I no longer have to check myself out in random store windows to appear as if I am browsing when in fact I’m just making sure I still look the same as I did in front of my closet that morning, or if something has gone terribly wrong in the interim.
I have found my peace. 

The Fashion Cuisine



Two things that have been on my mind lately, catching waterfalls and cleaning my mental thought processes. To help move this along, I’ve been reading/attempting to read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (it’s akin to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – but for the brain). And I thought I would share some excerpts.


“Spend not the remnant of thy days in thoughts and fancies concerning other men, when it is not in relation to some common good, when by it thou art hindered from some other better work. That is, spend not thy time in thinking, what such a man doth, and to what end; what he saith, and what he thinks, and what he is about, and such other things or curiosities which make a man to rove and wander from the care and observation of that part of himself, which is rational, and overruling. See therefore in the whole series and connection of they thoughts, that thou be careful to prevent what is idle and impertinent: but especially, whatsoever is curious and malicious: that thou must use thyself to think only of such things, of which if a man upon a sudden should ask thee what it is that thou art now thinking, thou mayest answer This, and That, freely and boldly, that so by thy thoughts it may presently appear that in all thee is sincere, and peaceable; as becometh one that is made for society, and regards not pleasures, nor gives way to any voluptuous imaginations at all: free from all contentiousness, envy, suspicion, and from whatsoever else thou wouldest blush to confess thy thoughts were set upon.”

That is a very high bar, I think, to cleanse your thoughts so perfectly that you can allow yourself to be entirely transparent. You see the pattern: he lays out the common traps human pitfalls: envy, petty thoughts, malice and then lays out the standard: freedom from these hidden thoughts, thought which would otherwise make you blush in the light of day.  



Going to camp in the desert in summer is not the best idea I’ve ever had. Every picture is taken around dusk right before sunset, which offers the softest lighting, but that is not why I took them. I took pictures around this time because for most of the day it was dead hot, at least 100 degrees. You can feel yourself baking in the heat.   

Here’s the cactus garden. The needles are so sharp that even a touch will break skin. So I took a shot in close up with my lens.


If you can stand it until sunset, though, you will get your reward. The weather goes from baking to perfect. And you can sleep in your tent without the rain flap, and watch the stars all night long until you fall sleep. UntitledUntitled


Source Destination unknown.

Feeling inspired by perceptions of pink today, even though it’s a color I would rarely wear on my person. It’s soothing on the eye.

Pink Salt Pools, Mexico
Below it’s not technically pink, but it’s close.

Dona Ana Beach, Portugal
Hut Lagoon in Australia
Bali, Indonesia