On Stoicism

“When Stoics contemplate their own death, it is not because they long for death but because they want to get the most out of life.  As we have seen someone who think he will live forever is far more likely to waste his days than someone who fully understands that his days are numbered, and one way to gain this understanding is periodically to contemplate his own death…[in order to] to extract the full value of that day – and, hopefully, the days that follow it.”

A Guide to the Good Life, William Irvine

I’ve mentioned Stoicism before, and once I reformat an old posts, I’ll re-mention it again with a link.  I have a fear of wasting my life.  Focusing on the mundane and not living according to my own values.  Stoicism, in practice, has a way of thinking has a way of clearing away the clutter.  It’s like Marie Kondo, but for your mind.


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