Life Bits: racing, fears, and glasses


A little bit about about life improvements and small victories. I am in the habit of reacting to challenges with fear, and to a lot of other things with fear. It should come as no surprise that when my friend suggested running an obstacle course, and especially once I saw the pictures, that this scared the bejesus out of me. I lost sleep. But after hopping over some low walls, climbing and crawling all over the place, and somewhat mastering those circular monkey bars, it was done. And it’s even sweeter after all of that fear.


Here it is, my unspectacularly boring new airfame glasses from JINS. They don’t cut into my cheekbones, they cost $100 total, and I only waited 30 minutes for them. Life is sweet.

In other news, I will not be in Italy in time to see this, but if I were, I would visit the Floating Piers, because they will be gone by July 3.

I’ve been feeling particularly productive today, possibly because I’m attempting to 1) make to-do lists and 2) single task as part of the Infomagical’s single-tasking bootcamp.

Had to get a new (to me) clothes recently, so I’ve been checking out eBay, Tradesy, Thredup, and Poshmark.  There’s some good stuff to be had.




On Secret Receptions


I’m happy to report that I hired my wedding reception photographer off Task Rabbit, and that this was a brilliant idea. I was so happy, I was even able to afford a tip afterward.

The odd thing about the reception, aside from the usual craziness (there was a lot of it) is – do you casually mention this to friends?  Let me back up a little.  Due to having not say in the venue or “mandatory guest list” dreamed up by my parents, the entire venue/restaurant was full without allowing either myself or my partner to invite our friends. So far as anyone knows, we had a civil ceremony, period. Full stop. So, it seemed logical not to talk about the thing that no one was allowed to attend. That seems wrong, in a way – to post pictures so that people can be insulted that they weren’t invited. So, it’s not exactly a secret, but I have not let out a peep, not a word, not a…oh, wait…except here.

Ah, life.  Why so complicated?

I suppose if we were to invite people over, I could leave some pictures lying casually around, and when questioned, then I could explain how myself in person.

Affordable Asian-Fit Glasses


These aren’t marketed as “Asian-fit” technically, but they were designed in Japan, and I tried them on my own cheekbones, and they fit perfectly and were airy light.  Quite affordable too, at $80 with lens included.

See more, here.