On Secret Receptions


I’m happy to report that I hired my wedding reception photographer off Task Rabbit, and that this was a brilliant idea. I was so happy, I was even able to afford a tip afterward.

The odd thing about the reception, aside from the usual craziness (there was a lot of it) is – do you casually mention this to friends?  Let me back up a little.  Due to having not say in the venue or “mandatory guest list” dreamed up by my parents, the entire venue/restaurant was full without allowing either myself or my partner to invite our friends. So far as anyone knows, we had a civil ceremony, period. Full stop. So, it seemed logical not to talk about the thing that no one was allowed to attend. That seems wrong, in a way – to post pictures so that people can be insulted that they weren’t invited. So, it’s not exactly a secret, but I have not let out a peep, not a word, not a…oh, wait…except here.

Ah, life.  Why so complicated?

I suppose if we were to invite people over, I could leave some pictures lying casually around, and when questioned, then I could explain how myself in person.


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