I decided to wait awhile before writing this, because I wanted to get a feel for what exactly I wanted to do with this blog. I was also afraid I might run of things to write about, to be perfectly honest. It’s still a work in progress, but I now have some ideas.

So, after thinking about this conceptually for about fifteen minutes while a rerun of Elementary played in the background, I thought the best format to present my ideas would be to interview myself. This way, if you don’t like the question, then you can skip over the answer, no matter how fascinating and intellectually fulfilling it will be, and how your life may potentially be ruined by missing a single one of these philosophical gems.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose is simple: the reason, the beginning and the end all for me, and this blog, is to write. As much and as often as I can without driving myself insane. For me, writing is synonymous with joy.

I am a Creative*, which can be both good and bad. Good, because you know how to make yourself happy: by expressing that creativity. Make no mistake, creativity demands expression. It should never be contained, because that is a guaranteed path to unhappiness. If you are a Creative, then you need to find a way to express that creativity. I honestly believe this.

The form that my creativity takes is writing. I consider myself a writer, but didn’t write anything for a long time, and incidentally was fairly miserable and lost during that same period. It occurred to me that I couldn’t call myself a writer, without actually producing something. That something doesn’t have to be James Joyce’s Ulysses every time (which I haven’t even read, by the way), it can be a fully developed concept; a few lines that flow together; or a witty reply. Seriously, just take your pick.

I’m working on a novel with a friend of mine. Our goals aren’t lofty, they are just to create something that is enjoyable to write and enjoyable to read.** That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Simplicity and minimalism are two of my ongoing themes. I don’t stand on ceremony by categorizing myself as an artist who exists on the fringes of society. I clean my bathroom. I hold down a job I don’t particularly enjoy, and write to breathe.

Now, do you work out? Well, here is another way to think about this blog: I think of creativity as a muscle; people talk about the brain being a muscle, well substitute “creativity” for “brain” and the same concept applies. Either way, I have noticed that the more you exercise your creative muscle – and this can be by both writing and reading – the more creative energy you will have. If you don’t, and this may explain some of my shabbier posts, then your creativity will die.

Let’s talk a little about fiction-writing v. non-fiction.

I have met some people that don’t read fiction, and who believe in just stating things directly, say in the form of non-fiction, newspaper articles, or a textbook. There is nothing wrong with these methods to convey information, if that’s all you want to do. What I like about fiction, is that I find it more enjoyable. Fiction creates a connection between the reader and the story, it can expand your brain a bit and make you see things from a different perspective, and it engages the imagination in a way that straight information often does not. A good book has some depth to it; it can be read more than once, and each time can bring new understanding. If you are tivo-ing news programs to watch them over and over again, there might be something wrong with either the program or the viewer.

So, this blog is all about writing?

Pretty much.

Won’t that get a little boring?

Absolutely not.


Okay, maybe, so I try to throw in different topics and formats now and again. Most of the time, what I like to do is analyze topics, and look at subjects from a different angle, so that will always vary. And add pictures, of course.

Of course. What about all the other stuff?

What other stuff? Oh, you mean my other interests? Yes, well, I have those. I suppose I could just load everything onto Pinterest and be done with it, but that’s lazy. Have you looked at Pinterest and Tumblr and seriously thought about it? They’re so user friendly that they encourage excessive posting, and honestly, it can’t all be top notch. So what I provide is editing. I try to post about topics that I find genuine interesting and/or useful. Even if it’s been around for awhile, I like to have good information in one place. That’s all.

Layout and simplicity

I wanted a very clean look to the blog layout to cut down on the distracting elements that I see on a lot of blogs. I don’t like that pop up bar on the side, but I’d rather have that than a permanent bulleted list of topics. The focus should be on content.

Are you ever going to upload a picture of yourself?

Not anytime soon.

Why not?

Because I am a fat man.

You can’t lie to yourself.

Okay fine! I am a small female, but I don’t have any flattering pictures, and I haven’t mastered the art of using my phone to take arm-length pictures without putting it directly in front of my face. I could probably find something if I had the time, but since this isn’t a fashion blog where I have to showcase myself looking great in clothes, I really don’t see the rush.

Has blogging been a good choice?

Absolutely yes. It does make life better, even though it takes up time I could use to cook, exercise, etc. I never said it was easy. If it ever detracts from my life, then I’ll stop.

Contact info:

For the love of God, please don’t send nasty mail or spam.

I hope that clears everything up.

* I made this up. Most people say creative type, but that rubs me the wrong way so I just say Creative, which is made of natural fibers.

** The process of writing can actually be Hell on Earth, but I’m not going to go into that right now. Looking over the completed product, thought, is sweet.


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